Sunday, February 09, 2014

New Chapbook available now from Sunnylyn Thibodeaux!

Against What Light


Hello fog
Hello sesame seeds stuck to the bottom of my feet
I no longer proclaim to be a ghost, a gush
according to others
“most of us never feel at home anywhere”
This has been settled
Way beyond underneath
I rode around the circle 37 times
one barefoot run, one face plant
Today is a day of waiting
not for the light, or an explanation
just for the companion at the end


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friday, August 02, 2013

Suzanne Stein's Passenger Ship


Passenger Ship


Learning to Forget

how well we pull together, don’t we? said Nora

who objected to silence just then

you may take an oar if you like

nothing seemed impossible in the beginning

black shadow of the tower falling far across the sunny water

rest a little, and let me row

the wound insists on healing

letters such a comfort

if not an opera then a requiem

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Now Available sara larsen's all revolutions will be fabulous

All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous


soft     anarch  ic   snuff  ,   the   drooooling  fire  in  my

generative other hand:  eddying tonguelessness

                                  i dismiss you

for the hatchet   ,  polysemus  ,   our collective

                               stare         who chalks


                                                               such as circuskingdoms

                                  where we are vigor-light

where kingdom is not a kingdom

                         where empire becomes PYRE

Friday, January 04, 2013

Chapbooks read 2012 that I was too lazy to put up on Goodreads

Nico Peck - Welter
j/j hastain - from female he and correlational femme
Sophia Dahlin - Come On
Michael Cross - Katechon
David Brazil - To Romans
Julia Drescher - Plural Bell
Julia Drescher  - Hands Chalk the Walls
Alison Carter - Sum Total
By the Lightswitch - Thurston Moore
Linty Love - Zack Tuck
Laura - Kendra Grant Malone
The Brilliance of the Sparrow - Matt Mauch
Listen to her Heart - Amy Berkowitz
Collection - Megan Kaminski
The Occupations - Alana Siegel
Funeral sentences - Tinker Greene
Man Going to His Doom - Tinker Greene
Solid Smoke - Tinker Greene
Short Poems Put Stapled Together to Make a Longer Poem - Zack Haber
Slur the Point - Steve Orth

Sunday, July 08, 2012

excerpts from murmur in the inventory

by erica lewis, with artwork by mark stephen finein.

excerpts from murmur in the inventory


---------------------------------if you repeat the names they disappear

between water and a line of type

a lump in my throat

blows into the tubes located at your shoulders

the hole in your lip is bleeding

you don’t know what to think so i’ll tell you

both are true

there are no neutral storms

memory or loss bores holes into you

here’s what happened here’s what some people say what happened

i can’t separate the two

no distinction between fiction and fact no distinction

it’s not your fault

you can’t see the sutures

so i cross reference the living with someone else’s skin

scene from the door scene from the window scene from the inside

my fingers cast a shadow down the center

supposing we could separate the two

shards on your face account for all those references

in someone else’s words

the pieces spread thin from intention

oh yes

you should definitely use both hands for that speech