Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gothenburg by Arielle Guy


cover illustration by Michael Cowell

Gothenburg:“The carnivorous gather, spin straw into gold and then-”

Incredible heat, strangeness of things falling in delicate distance
instruments of Mrs. – what I found when I looked in the drawer
pleasant knuckling of blankets. Sweet coverlet,
true North an insect knows

fine joy, brightness found in the needle northward

- full pattern; I don’t know, conceding in petalled, guess: pleasure of “Atlantic Lectures”-
rue of ocean I didn’t want to end up in alone. Words written in
glass-glow remain in place; natural capacity for sound damp,
I told everyone, stop, guide, - gather to reject,- lose,
apology a rose staining everything, day
possessed of backing, none

by Arielle Guy

More excerpts here.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Coming Soon:

from Three Geogaophies: A Milkmaid’s Grimoire
by Arielle Guy


Filament Sense
by William Allegrezza