Sunday, February 21, 2016

Now Available Tessa Micaela's crude matter

crude matter

  it is a wing. it is two wings.

it is many counted and a territory unmappable.                

we place spaces to signify having been placed in space.                     

and why here?

it is night.

mention it is night.                

how the stars are where you are.                           

our day starts off truncated.

by this inconsistent breathing.

something like,

to unsay one has to care about

what one is not saying.         

how confined.

how molded to designation.

and as the motion made the hair fly off the forehead

the one speaking said,

it's as if the distance were all around your body,

and we begin to get worried.                                 

not wondering yet where it went.

it being an expression of standing still.