Friday, January 04, 2013

Chapbooks read 2012 that I was too lazy to put up on Goodreads

Nico Peck - Welter
j/j hastain - from female he and correlational femme
Sophia Dahlin - Come On
Michael Cross - Katechon
David Brazil - To Romans
Julia Drescher - Plural Bell
Julia Drescher  - Hands Chalk the Walls
Alison Carter - Sum Total
By the Lightswitch - Thurston Moore
Linty Love - Zack Tuck
Laura - Kendra Grant Malone
The Brilliance of the Sparrow - Matt Mauch
Listen to her Heart - Amy Berkowitz
Collection - Megan Kaminski
The Occupations - Alana Siegel
Funeral sentences - Tinker Greene
Man Going to His Doom - Tinker Greene
Solid Smoke - Tinker Greene
Short Poems Put Stapled Together to Make a Longer Poem - Zack Haber
Slur the Point - Steve Orth