Sunday, October 01, 2006

Free Poetry

Now Available!


Document(ary) by Carrie Hunter

Print Run of 20 Copies. 24 pps. Color. Free!
After that, print on demand at $3 each.

Five different covers to choose from:

Spiral (shown)
Cow Woman
Rabbit with Camera
Yellow Landscape with Gears
Spiral Jetty from the documentary "Tides and Rivers"

The 20 free copies are gone! Click below to order a print-on-demand copy.


Using his son as a stand-in for himself. The story must be told
no matter what fictionalizations are necessary.

“When my father gave me his typewriter, I had absolutely no preferences for what I would write. Anything at all just to be typing. Not because I liked typing but because I liked something about the accumulating print-covered papers.”

                spindrift; a seaspray,
                magical chairs and a mystery

“Precisely because we said nothing.

We were about to say something.

But we remained on the edge of an impossible confidence.”

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